Friday, September 28, 2012

November 6, 2012 CA Proposition Ballot Guide

30 YES! Temporary Taxes to Fund Education: Schools need money more than millionaires need tax bonuses, paid for by us! We've made our sacrifices, it's time they do too. 

31 No. State Budget: Underfunds education and vital health services. Sneaky and malicious.

32 NO! Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction:  This is California's very own Citizens United. This is a law written by, and for, large corporations. They want to silence unions and progressive groups, while still allowing corporations to donate to political campaigns. F*CK'D Up, right!? Please Vote No. Root for Humans. 

33 NO! Auto Insurance Companies: Proposition 33 is another deceptive insurance company trick. Insurance companies spent millions to pass a similar law in 2010—voters defeated it. Proposition 33 allows auto insurers to raise premiums on responsible drivers up to $1,000, unfairly punishing people who stopped driving for legitimate reasons. Consumer advocates OPPOSE Prop. 33.

34 YES! Death Penalty: Statute To Outlaw The Death Penalty. Places without the death penalty have far lower rates of violent crime. It does not deter, it validates violence. Most western democracies have outlawed the death penalty. To imprison a convict costs CA tax payers around $34,000 per year. To keep an inmate on death row cost almost $1 Million per year. With the mandatory appeals process, most inmates sit on death row for at least 20 years. Each death row conviction costs us $20 million or more! Whether you vote with your conscience or with your wallet, the answer is the same—YES! Outlaw the expensive, ineffectual, eye for an eye policy.

35 YES! Human Trafficking: Increases penalties and cracks down on a huge problem. 

36 YES! Three Strikes Law: Repeat Felony Offenders. AWEFUL. More to come. I wrote a research paper on this subject a year and a half ago at Cal State Long Beach, and the Three Strikes Law is one of the most disastrous laws in modern California history. It must be changed! Check back for more info. I'm trying to figure out where to begin!

37 YES! Genetically Engineered Foods!: Labeling genetically modified foods at the grocery store. You're buying them right now, but don't know it. Wouldn't you like to be able to make informed decisions?

38 No. Munger Initiative: Confusing and bad tax policy.

39 YES! Tax Treatment for Multistate Businesses: Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Funding. Yes on 39 CLOSES UNFAIR TAX LOOPHOLE letting OUT-OF-STATE CORPORATIONS avoid taxes by keeping jobs out of California. Closing the loophole protects local jobs and provides $1 BILLION to California. 

40 YES. Redistricting: State Senate Districts. Irrelevant, No campaign has withdrawn due to CA Supreme Court ruling making yes outcome mandatory.

B YES- Require adult film industry to use measures to stop the spread of HIV, including use of condoms.

J Yes! With the economic meltdown we've been cutting back and putting off enough vital infrastructure investments that will pay off many fold in the long run. Our ancestors invested in us!

N YES! *VERY IMPORTANT AND DEAR TO MY HEART* The hotel workers in Long Beach are horribly treated. I've personally met some of them and we're appalled at their experiences of abuse by the Hilton and Hyatt. The workers at these same hotels in other cities, including Los Angeles, are treated with respect and rewarded for their hard work. Long Beach has no protections for them, so here they are not. It also spurs the local economy, putting more money in Long Beach instead of International Hotel Groups.

O YES! Unlike most cities Long Beach doesn't have just two elections each year, we have three. In a city of a half a million people, city council members can be elected with as little as 1,000. Consolidating elections means increased turnout and lower costs. 

District Attorney: Jackie Lacey 

These recommendations will be updated closer to the election with more information and emphasis.

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  1. Why is there any law requiring or preventing insurers from this or any business practice? If one chooses to offer drivers a better deal, who is to say no? Who is to say yes?

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