Friday, May 31, 2013

A More Perfect Unionize Walmart

matt highland, mathew highland

A Living Wage. Healthcare. Vacation. You Deserve It. They Can Afford It. 
     At a time when corporate profits have soared to all time highs, workers are dying in factories around the world, and even middle class American workers are putting in 60 hours a week to live barely-above poverty, one must ask, what is it all for? Those low prices, are they worth everything? Are they worth human dignity? If this race to the lowest wages accelerates, what becomes of humans when their labor is no longer required? Automation of manufacturing, and even point-of-sale retail, are rapidly increasing. What then, is it all for—the almighty profit? 
     That's PROFIT, NOT PROPHET. I think most prophets would agree that life is for living, and living well—Not for amassing fortunes at any human cost. You deserve to live better. Humans deserve better. 

(Feel free to print copies and put them under car windshield wipers in the parking lots of these businesses—particularly the far parking spots. They might be employees;)

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